Epson SureColor SC-T5200 Large Format Printer Review

29, July 2022 | Category: Blog Epson-SureColor-SC-T5200

A large format printer, sometimes called a “wide format printer,” is essential for printing signage, advertising documents or anything bigger than standard printer paper sizes. It is designed to produce a vast and diverse range of high-quality prints for advertising, CAD and GIS applications,¬† architectural plans as well as rollups for retail and education environments. A wide format printer benefits any business that needs extended in-house printing options. If you are searching for a high-speed, reliable large format printer for your business, Epson SureColor SC-T5200 is an ideal choice.

Building upon the success of the SureColor series to maximize performance within busy print production environments, this  Epson wide format printer features 1GB of RAM for ultra-fast image processing and comes with an optional 320 GB HDD for print spooling and secure networking. Moreover, it also offers PostScript support with dual 1.6GHz CPUs as an optional feature that allows users to quickly print multiple file formats, including large data and graphic-rich files, directly from leading design and CAD programs. What is more, is that the SureColor SC-T5200 outputs an A1 print in just 28 seconds.

The Epson SureColor SC-T5200 PS MFP model boasts a 36-inch wide colour scanner, enabling users to enjoy the flexibility of digitising the hard copy paper documents by scanning them to storage, email or sharing with other SC-T printers. Moreover, the Epson printer available in single or double roll configurations can scan up to 13 inches/sec in monochrome and 6 inches/sec in colour.

The SC-T5200 model comes with a five-colour UltraChrome XD pigment ink and permanent PrecisionCoreTM TFP printheads that work together to produce precise, reproducible, and long-lasting prints. The ink, which comes in a selection of 110, 350, and 700 ml cartridges, was created to produce the intense blacks and thick, crisp lines required for intricate technical graphics as well as the brilliant colours required for high-quality prints and posters. Furthermore, the smudge- and water-resistant ink of the Epson large format printer can produce prints suitable for both indoor and short-term outdoor applications.

The sleek form, condensed footprint, and front output of the SureColor SC-T printers make them ideal for office spaces. The SureColor SC-T printers employ pigment-based inks and are ENERGY STAR-certified for their outstanding power efficiency, which helps reduce their environmental impact.

Epson SureColor SC-T5200, with its low ink consumption features, ensures a low cost per page, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) to a great extent. Additionally, the long life printheads negate the need for replacement costs, making the Epson printer a practical choice for businesses. The SC-T printer allows printing only when the image size matches the paper size option selected and rotates the image if necessary to reduce waste as much as possible.

The Epson SC-T5200 large format printer can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as:

CAD/GIS Production Printing:

GIS specialists, architects, engineering and construction firms often need everything from line drawings to photo-realistic representations of every project they undertake. A good quality wide format printer like SC-T5200 can help businesses and professionals quickly and cost-effectively produce prints of engineering and architectural drawings with high precision.

POS Printing:

When you design posters and graphic-rich prints for in-store promotions or advertising campaigns, you need a large format printer with excellent printing speed and a large paper capacity. Epson SC-T5200 can help businesses produce water-resistant and smudge-free prints on a wide range of materials for various promotional activities and advertising campaigns.


Epson SC-T5200 large format printer with different levels of functionality is a value-added tool for educational institutions as it opens doors to all kinds of engaging projects. Moreover, it enables the schools and colleges to produce informational banners, fundraising assets, and other learning materials on demand without spending the money or effort of relying on a third-party vendor.

A large format printer is an expensive and long-term investment, so it makes sense to choose a good and reliable product that will last for many years to come. Epson SC-T5200, with its superior performance in terms of functionality, excellent print quality and affordable ownership costs, would be a valuable asset to any business.

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