Photocopier Repair

Photocopier Repair

Concerning the subject of photocopier repair we have 4 service centres across the UAE with Service Engineers based in each of our branches. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Our qualified service engineers are specialized in repairing all A3/A4 office printers and copiers from the following brands: Epson, HP, Samsung and Canon. We also offer all the original toner/inks, drums and spare parts for these machines.

We take a one time service/repair charge which covers:

  1. Full checking of the machine
  2. Diagnosing the problem
  3. Fixing the machine without replacing any spare parts if possible
  4. Giving you an estimate of the spare parts / consumables required (if any)
  5. Replacing all necessary spare parts / consumables upon getting your approval
  6. Final testing and re-checking of the machine

We have a service response time of 4 working hours (for clients within 50 km of the main city areas). For clients in far out areas, we can dispatch our service engineer with 24 working hours.

Photocopier Repair

There are certain times whereby the condition of the machine requires so many parts to be replaced that it becomes much more cost effective to replace the current machine with a new model.

This usually happens when the client has neglected repairing the machine for such a long time. Then multiple parts and consumable items which include: Toner, Drum, Fuser Unit, ITB, Fixing Assembly, Developer e.t.c. have reached their end of life and need to be replaced together. For these special cases, we can either repair the machine for you or give you a trade-in / buy back offer for your current equipment.

Our annual Photocopier Maintenance agreements will help you avoid the above issues. The routine preventive maintenance visits by our service engineers will keep the equipment in top condition and it will enable them to bring any issues to your attention early on. 

We have two main points of contact for the photocopier repair service:

Abu Dhabi (Which covers the City Area, Musaffah, ICAD, Al-Ain, Asab, Liwa, Ruwais, Habshan e.t.c.)
Tel: +971-2-6588938
Fax: +971-2-6222944

Sharjah (Which covers Dubai and the Northern Emirates)
Tel: +971-6-5433316
Fax: +971-6-5432545

If you have any technical queries and for our photocopier repair service UAE please feel free to Contact Us and we will be glad to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

At NPC, we specialize in repairing all models of photocopiers and printers from four major manufacturers – Epson, HP, Samsung and Canon. In addition to repairs and servicing, we also offer Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC’s), all the OEM parts and accessories for printers and copiers.

We have a team of experienced and skilled technicians who can offer you the best quality photocopier maintenance and repair services. Photocopier repairs services (break-fix / one time service charge) at NPC includes assessing the state of your photocopy machine and diagnosing and fixing the problem. If required, we also replace any defective parts and conduct a final check to ensure everything runs smoothly.

At NPC, our response time is less than four working hours for all the customers located within 50km of the main city areas in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

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