Printer Maintenance

Printer Maintenance

We offer printer maintenance agreements for HP, Epson, Samsung, Canon and Rowe. The contracts we have can be divided into 3 different categories:

AMC without Parts (Annual Maintenance Contract)

This contract covers routine preventive maintenance whereby our service engineer will check and service your equipment once every two months. (For the smaller entry level printers, we offer quarterly visits)

You also have the option to log an unlimited number of service calls / complaints with our Help Desk and we will send you a qualified service engineer within 4 working hours. 

Under the AMC contract, all labour related costs for your office printers are offered free of charge. Any spare parts / consumables which need to be replaced, will be quoted separately with preferential rates.

The duration of this contract is 1 year and can be renewed. It is the most popular type of contract with our clients.

AMC with Parts

The AMC with parts contract is similar to the above contract except that it also includes free replacement of all spare parts. Consumables such as Toner / Ink and items which have a rated life such as the Drum, Fixing Assembly, Developer e.t.c. are not included in this contract and will be charged separately.

Printer Maintenance

Our contracts which include spare parts assume fair usage and care of the machine. Any parts damaged due to tampering, misuse, negligence, fire e.t.c. will understandably not be covered.

The duration of this printer maintenance contract is also for 1 year and can be renewed.

FSMA (Full Service Maintenance Agreement)

The FSMA maintenance agreement covers all labour, consumables and spare parts. It is a comprehensive agreement which covers everything except the paper and staples.

FSMA contracts have monthly billing based on the copy volumes. Charges are levied based of the number of copies/prints or “clicks”. Routine service visits are done on a monthly basis and you have the option to log an unlimited number of calls / complaints for your equipment. As before we will dispatch a qualified service engineer within 4 working hours from the time of receiving your call.

The duration of this type of contract is from 1 to 3 years and can be renewed.

Many organization’s are nowadays pursuing Print Management Solutions which has been quite effective in helping them reduce costs. By taking a look at their printer fleet as a whole we have been able to: replace unnecessary and costly devices, introduce new low cost equipment where required and reduce the expenditures on ink and spare parts. We also offered them dedicated software which allowed them to reduce wastage as well as monitor and control their entire fleet of equipment.

If you have any requirements for printer maintenance in UAE, please feel free to Contact Us and our service team will be happy to assist you.

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