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Managed Print Services: Offering you Complete Print Management Solutions for integrating your Hardware, Software, Services and Supplies in order to give you full control of your printing, copying and scanning environment.

– Multiple Devices across Different Brands
– Optimize your Print Environment
– Reduce Total Number of Devices
– Flexible Leasing Options Available

We can use your existing hardware or recommend suitable alternatives where appropriate in order to offer you the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the long run. In many instances it is better to replace a device which uses costly toner since you will only have to bear the cost of a new replacement device once. Whereas for the toner, you will be bearing the higher cost on a monthly basis for the next 5 to 10 years (depending on the life of the equipment).

– Print / Copy / Scan / Monitoring and Control
– User Authentication
– Full Control of your Workflow
– Remote Management of Print Fleet
– End to End Encryption

There are many Managed Print Services Software options and the different software will offer different user interfaces and functionality. However from our experience we would recommend PaperCut due to its advanced functionality, ease of use and competitive pricing structure.

Managed Print Services

– Full Service Maintenance Agreements
– Free Supply of Spare Parts and Consumables
– Have all Devices under Service Level Agreements and Extended Warranty

MPS Contracts offer you routine preventive maintenance services on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the agreement. It also offers you unlimited break-fix / repair services whenever your equipment is down. As these agreements generally have a Pay Per Click or FSMA arrangement, all spare parts are offered free of cost

– Just-in-Time Supplies Delivery
– We will Stock all the Toner / Ink and Consumables for you

Under an MPS Contract, clients generally opt for an all inclusive contract which utilizes the FSMA / Pay Per Click approach.

Managed Print Services Benefits:

In summary, the Managed Print Services and Print Management Solutions we offer will help you optimize your workflow, cut costs, reduce wastage, enhance your printer fleet and increase security.

For more information and for an initial consultation to help us understand your print environment please Contact Us and our team will be glad to assist you.

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