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Photocopier Lease

We have many clients who prefer to lease their office equipment instead of making an outright purchase; and the concept of photocopier lease has become very popular these days due to several main points:

  1. Getting your multifunction printers on a lease contract will ease the burden of blocking cash flow which is required in order to invest in new equipment
  2. Leased equipment will always be treated by the accounts department as an expense and thus there will be no need to calculate depreciation or write-off of the company’s assets after the equipment becomes obsolete
  3. In a photocopier lease agreement, all service related issues such as service charges, annual maintenance agreements, purchasing consumables, replacing worn out spare parts e.t.c. will be automatically taken care of
  4. There is an implied unlimited warranty on the leased machine (given fair usage and care of the equipment of course)
  5. With a lease agreement, you will always have the latest photocopier technology and functionality at your fingertips

photocopier lease

When it comes to photocopier lease, the lease periods we offer are from 2 to 5 years, and on average most of our clients opt for the 3 year period which we believe is a middle ground. Additionally, with the way technology keeps advancing, you can always remain up to date by replacing your equipment with newer, more advanced technologies every 3 years. Whether you require a photocopier rental in Abu Dhabi, a printer lease in Dubai, a copier lease in Sharjah or a large format printer lease in Ras Al Khaimah; we are here to help and support you.

There has always been a general dilemma from our clients about what is better: Photocopier lease or buy. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it would ultimately depend on the personal preference of the client and his / her organization.

If we were to use the analogy of computing and data processing: In the past, many organizations used to spend huge amounts of money on servers for data processing and data storage. Nowadays, the concept of cloud computing which entails a monthly service charge instead of a heavy initial investment has proved to be a lot more popular and successful. Whether it be related to company e-mails, CRM software, ERP Systems or corporate databases. We believe that the same applies to the concept of photocopier lease.

If you’re looking for a printer rental in UAE or a photocopier lease, we have multiple options to offer you, whether it be a small entry level model or a high-end commercial copier that you require. Kindly have a look at our photocopier products page, choose the model you like and Contact Us so that we may offer you the best proposal which can be customized based on the equipment and the copy / print volume you require.

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