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We would like to offer you some of the best plotters for sale in the UAE based on the different categories of: reliability, service support, cost per copy and the total cost of ownership.

One of the big distinguishing factors in choosing a plotter printer is whether you require colour prints or B&W prints. Another is the amount you are willing to invest along with the copy / print volume you require.

Starting with the black and white laser models, we have the Rowe ecoPrint Series which are Made in Germany. These models offer high print speeds of 4 LM/min up to 10LM/min and can handle large print volumes from 2,000 LM/month up to 30,000 LM/month. Due to their laser print technology and heavy-duty cycle, the cost per copy / print on these models is very low and is less than AED 1 / A0 CAD drawing. A disadvantage though is the high initial investment cost for these plotters. For additional details please see the Rowe CAD Plotters for sale on our products page.

Plotters for sale

Switching to the color models, we have the Epson SureColor series which offer print speeds of 22 sec / A1 and can handle print volumes of 100 up to 3,500 LM/month. These plotters have a high print resolution of up to 2,880 x 1,440 dpi and are ideal for colour CAD prints. The cost per copy / print on these models is less than Aed 2 / A0 CAD drawing and is much less than that offered by other brands. Another distinguishing factor is the Long Life print heads which are covered under the extended warranty packages and range from 2 to 5 years. For additional details please see the Epson CAD Plotters for sale on our products page.

Plotters for sale

Both the Rowe and Epson plotters have an option to add a scanner thus transforming the device into an all-in-one Multifunction Plotter. Some of the Epson Large Format Printer models even have wireless network connectivity which can be used for wireless scanning and / or printing.

All the plotter printer machines we offer come standard with free delivery, installation, user training, 1 year AMC (annual maintenance contract) and 1 year on-site warranty. Extended warranty and service packages are available based on your requirements.

If you’re interested in our products and would like to buy plotter machine please Contact Us. Our sales representatives will be happy to recommend a suitable model for you and offer you the best possible prices. We also have plotter for rent offers geared towards clients who prefer leasing.

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