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Best Inkjet Printer

Epson ecoTank Pro L15180


Print/Copy Speed: 25ppm Colour and B&W

Print Resolution:

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Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C879RDTWFC


Print/Copy Speed: 26ppm/25ppm B&W and Colour

Print Resolution:

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Epson ecoTank Pro M15180


Print/Copy Speed: 25ppm B&W

Print Resolution: 4,800 x…

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Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C5000


Print/Copy Speed: 50ppm Colour and B&W

Print Resolution: 600 x…

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The Inkjet Printer models we provide offer you superior quality, higher reliability and lower printing costs as compared to its laser counterpart. Over and above this it can also help you attain your sustainability and social responsibility goals.

Superior Quality:
We can all agree that the professional photo printer is the highest quality printer in the world. These printers based on inkjet technology have print resolutions of up to 5,760 x 1,440 dpi and use 10 to 12 different colour inks in order to provide the best quality output there is.

The inkjet office printers use the same technology but have been scaled down to offer a quality suitable for office documents at competitive prices. Generally the office printers will have print resolutions of 4,800 x 1,200dpi or 600 x 2,400dpi but will only use 4 colour inks.

Higher Reliability:
Inkjet printers use a “Printhead” to spray tiny droplets of ink onto the paper / media and do not have many of the parts which laser printers do. These printers do not have a Fuser Unit, Drum, ITB or Developer. Having less mechanical parts will reduce the chances of a breakdown. 

The higher end and high speed production printers are designed with a fixed printhead and a short paper path to further improve reliability. This becomes very noticeable when having a bulk print run of 5,000 to 20,000 pages. There will be very few paper jams or misprints if any at all.

Most of the Inkjet Printer models we sell and service have optional extended warranties which range from 2 to 5 years. Please note that the warranty on these printers covers the printhead. On the other hand, laser printers will only have a 1 year warranty which certainly does not include the expensive spare parts.

InkJet Printer

Lower Printing Costs:
Many Epson all in one printer models use original ink refill bottles or RIPS ink packs which can offer you a cost as low as Aed 0.01 for an A4 B&W print.

As we mentioned before, inkjet technology does not have many of the spare parts which laser printers do. Thus you will have much less maintenance costs in terms of replacing spare parts.

Many companies today have become aware of their role in protecting the environment and have set goals towards sustainability and social responsibility. Inkjet technology allows you to contribute to these goals by reducing plastic waste as well as CO2 emissions.

Plastic waste is reduced since an inkjet printer requires less spare parts to be replaced. CO2 emissions are reduced due to the lower energy consumption required in the printing process (Epson’s Piezoelectric printheads are based on heat free printing technology).

Frequently Asked Questions

Inkjet printers and laser printers have been a popular choice for personal, home office and business organizations. Although both the printers produce crisp, clean text and images, the way they function is different.

Inkjet printers have thousands of printhead nozzles that spray microscopic ink droplets onto the paper, whereas laser printers use toner powder, electric charge and heat to fuse the toner onto the paper. At NPC, we have an extensive selection of inkjet and laser printers sourced from world-renowned brands.

The advantages of purchasing inkjet printers are as follows:

  • Low initial costs
  • Crisp image quality
  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight
  • Quieter in operation
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Require very few spare parts

Yes, an inkjet printer can print great photos with smoother details and high resolution. However, make sure you use good quality photo paper for your inkjet printer to reproduce the images with a beautiful finish, sharp details and smooth color transitions. At NPC, we have a vast collection of inkjet printers with photographic quality printing from major brands such as Epson, HP and Canon.

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