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A4 Photocopier Paper

Our portfolio of products would never be complete without paper and for this we have the A4 Paper 200gsm which is ideal to use for printing company letterheads, certificates, client quotations and product brochures.

When it comes to official documents, the 200gsm paper will offer a much higher colour quality than the standard 80gsm paper we use for day to day printing.

The A4 200gsm paper we offer has bright white a colour and comes with a matte finish. It is also a high quality product which will give vibrant print colours and will not cause paper jams or additional wear and tear on your office printers / copiers.

Each box of 200g paper contains 5 reams with each ream having 250 sheets. So whether you are looking to buy in bulk or if you just need one or two packets, we are able to accommodate your requirement in each case.

We are currently running a promotion on our A4 Paper 200gsm so please Contact Us and our sales representatives will be glad to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and is a measurement that indicates the area density of a sheet of paper. The higher the GSM, the thicker will be the paper.

A4 papers are available in different weights. Your choice for the right A4 paper depends on your use and application. For instance, if you are looking for printing and photocopying standard office documents, 80 GSM A4 paper is ideal, whereas 120gsm A4 paper and higher is best suited for flyers, brochures and similar marketing collaterals.

At NPC, we have a premium range of 200 GSM A4 paper suitable for printing product brochures,  presentations, corporate letterheads, invitations, leaflets, etc.


Choosing the right paper type is an integral factor in producing quality prints. The most basic factors that apply while selecting a paper type for your print job are paper size, weight, brightness, shade and finish.

Choosing the right paper type is essential to avoid printer paper jams and poor quality outputs. Check your printer or photocopier’s user guide or specification sheet to check its GSM limits. With Epson printers, many models can handle up to 300gsm or 350gsm media. Else, you can contact our sales team, and we would be happy to help you out in making a decision.

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