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We offer original Epson inks for various product segments which include the ecoTank, ecoTank Pro, Workforce, WorkForce Pro, WorkForce Enterprise, SureColor T-Series and SureColor P-Series range of products. 

Starting with the Epson ecoTank, we sell the original Epson printer inks for the ecoTank Pro M5180 and ecoTank Pro L15180. These models use the ecoTank 112 inks.Epson ecoTank Ink

These original ink refill bottles come in a 127ml size for the black offering a yield of 7,500 A4 pages and in 70ml sizes for each colour offering you a yield of 6,500 pages. For your home or office printing, this will give you one of the lowest cost per print in the industry.

The Epson WorkForce and WorkForce Pro series of machines use RIPS (Replaceable ink pack system) inks which you can see in the picture below. These inks are available in XL and XXL versions which have much higher print capacities of up to 84,000 prints. Epson Printer InkIf we take the example of the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C878RDTWFC the XL black and colour inks pictured above each have a yield of 20,000 A4 pages. Other models such as the Epson Workforce Pro WF-C5790DWF and Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C579RDTWF also use RIPS ink systems.

On the higher end of A3/A4 photocopiers we come to Epson’s WorkForce Enterprise series of machines which have a cartridge based ink system. The models include the Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20600 D4TW, WF-C20750 D4TW and WF-C2100 D4TW. You can see the cartridges for these models in the picture below.

Epson WorkForce Enterprise Ink

As the Epson WorkForce Enterprise models are high end machines they use 5 inks (2 x Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) with each cartridge having a yield of 50,000 copies. 

The Epson plotter ink we offer covers a wide rand of various Wide Format Printers, namely the SureColor T-Series which includes the following Epson large format printer models:

SC-T3000 SC-T5000 SC-T7000
SC-T3200 SC-T5200 / SC-T5200PS MFP SC-T7200
SC-T3400 SC-T5400 / SC-T5405 / SC-T5400M MFP SC-T7400

Each of the models in the above series can be purchased with multiple options such as postscript, dual roll, embedded scanners e.t.c. This will lead to a variation in the plotter’s model number, especially towards the end of the model’s code; however the inks which a single series uses is nevertheless the same. (For example: the SC-T5400 uses the same ink as the SC-T5400M-MFP. Additionally, the SC-T3200, SC-T5200 and SC-T7200 all use the same ink.)

Epson plotter ink

The Epson plotter ink cartridges come in 3 sizes: 110ml, 350ml and 700ml. For most of our clients we would either recommend the 350ml or the 700ml due to the lower cost per print that these cartridges offer.

With regards to the yield, each 350ml cartridge can print 292 A0 CAD drawings. For the 700ml version, it will have double the capacity and will thus give you 584 A0 CAD drawings. These high capacity inks coupled with their competitive prices will offer you a much lower cost per print as compared to other plotter brands.

The above mentioned models use the UltraChrome Epson Pigment ink, which in addition to being smudge and water resistant will also deliver deep colour and dense crisp lines. These qualities are ideal for technical drawings especially when you consider the high levels of humidity we have in the UAE.

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